Scott Cruz is a recording artist with a wealth of talent, as well as a gift of vision… quite literally. A respected composer and performer with five prestigious Telly Award wins for scoring, Scott has been recognized for his musical works which have been featured on major television networks including Discovery Channel, History Channel, and the 3net/Sony Imax Channel.

The prolific singer, songwriter, producer and composer’s formative years included a healthy dose of formal musical education and exposure to various genres of music including gospel, pop, electronic and rock. Scott began writing and producing his own songs at the age of 16.

Today, as he continues to perform, record and mix his music as a solo artist, he has already carved out a successful career as a composer. Scott says, “Any opportunity to create music, particularly as one element in a larger body of work, is an opportunity to communicate directly to others through emotion and heart. My main goal is to spread my passion and grow as a singer/songwriter as a mainstream recording artist.” He adds, “The greatness of music is measured by the true ability to emotionally move someone in any way, at any time, in any place.”

Obviously a force as an artist, Scott Cruz has another gift — as a Clairvoyant Medium & Spiritual Counselor. A sought-after intuitive after making powerful assessments and public appearances.
That’s because Cruz is able to connect with the past, see the present, and foresee an individual’s life trajectory for the future, as well as, connect with those who have crossed over. He is a teacher of the power of consciousness and creating reality which can help guide individuals into vibrational alignment with self and toward what is desired for their path here in the physical realm.

Music and spirituality is his passion. Scott connects with his listeners and fans through his creative gift of musicality as well as his insight. He touches fans and admirers on several levels through his powerful gift and powerful music.

– “There are those we meet in life and then there are those that spirit brings to us. Scott Cruz is one of those special, enlightened souls.”
​– “I will be forever grateful for his time & attention. He is a gift to this world!”
– “He is extremely gifted, but most of all he is kind, wise, humble, personable and one of my favorite people.”
– “Scott has a true gift.”